Become a Local Host

Looking for a fun and easy way to make extra money? 

Become a Local Host in your favourite Vancouver Neighbourhood with Getogether.

Getogether is looking for socially-friendly locals to host our social experiences in cool neighbourhoods across Vancouver. From Lonsdale Quay to Yaletown, we want to pay you to showcase Vancouver’s best neighbourhoods to our valued guests. All you have to do is take our guests for a walk, create social connections, and show them a good time at a local restaurant. 

We are currently recruiting Local Hosts for the Spring of 2021 season. Apply with your interest today!

Learn More About Getogether & Becoming a Host

What Is a Getogether & Why Do People Across the World Need It?

A Getogether is a social experience that makes it easy to connect with a local host & meet new people in cool neighbourhoods across the world.

For just $50, our guests get the opportunity to connect with a local, experience a cool neighbourhood, socialize with new people, and get VIP seating at a one-of-a-kind restaurant.

A Getogether is designed to brings joy to our guests day, while bringing new people together in a social and meaningful way. 

Group of people in neighbourhood

Make Good Money while Meeting New People & Having a Good Time!

Make good money in just a few short hours of your day by showing new people around your favourite neighbourhood.

We will literally pay you for every guest you host through Getogether. So if you host 8 guests for a 1.5 hour experience, you will get paid a set amount for hosting each of those 8 guests and earn 25%-50% of the booking value for every Getogether you host.

Being a local host pays well, and allows you to have a good time while meeting new people from around the world in the process.

We Need Locals to Show Our Guests Around Cool Neighbourhoods

We are looking to partner with locals across Vancouver that are excited about the concept of “Getogether” and like the idea of making some extra money while taking on the role of a Local Host to our social experiences.

We are currently recruiting Local Hosts for Spring 2021 in the following neighbourhoods: Lonsdale Quay, Gastown, Yaletown, Granville Island, Kitslano, & English Bay.

If you believe you can bring a presence to groups of 6-8 that will make them feel good, enlightened, and socially engaged, we want to hear from you. Apply to become a host today!

Let's Bring People Together & Make the World a Better Place!

We believe Getogether has the ability to bring people together and make the world a better place through meaningful and real-life social connections.

 We need your help in making it happen as a Local Host!

Let’s work together to make Getogether’s possible throughout Vancouver and the rest of the world!

Benefits of Being a Local Host

Earn Extra Money

Being a local host is a great way to make extra money in your free time! Whether you are looking for a low-stress part-time, or a flexible side-job, Getogether is here to make sure you enjoy every single moment.

Flexible Schedule

If you have a couple of free spots on your schedule and want to make good use of your time, simply host a Geogether session! You can work as little or as much as you’d like. Take control of your life and decide when and where you work! 

Do What You Love

Energetic and always down for a good time? During each Getogether session you host, you get paid to walk around your favorite neighborhoods and create unique memories with awesome individuals! What’s better than that? 

Get Discounts & Perks

As a local host, you get to enjoy plenty of discounts and perks. From your favorite restaurants to local shops, the perks vary from free merchandise to discounts and coupons on food and products. Find out all the awesome benefits by becoming a local host!

Meet New People

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Looking to expand your social circle? You can see new faces every time you host a Getogether! Take advantage of this opportunity to create new, lasting friendships with those with different backgrounds but share the same interests and passions of yours! 

Broaden Your Horizon

Sometimes, we can be surprised about the things we don’t already know. Each Getogether session is an opportunity for you to gain new experiences and knowledge about the neighbourhood and the people around us. 

Become a Local Host!

Please fill out the form below and tell us more about you.

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