Our Story

Getogether was inspired by a trip from San Francisco to LA

The Lightbulb Moment

While visiting Manhattan Beach – I thought to myself – my time here could have been so much better if there was an easy way to connect with a local that could show me around and introduce me to new people!

The Solution

For Just $100, you can:

As world travel comes back, our goal is to serve 1,000,000 guests annually in 100’s of cool neighbhourhoods all over the world.

We Love Local Neighborhoods

We’ve been exploring neighborhoods and cities across North America and the world for the past 10 years. Whenever we travel, we strive to explore unique neighborhoods with good vibes, character, and one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants, and bars!

We Love Meeting New People

As we explored new cities and neighborhoods around the world, we always strived to meet new people along the way. Sometimes this proved to be challenging to accomplish  in an authentic way, and with this challenge in mind, the concept of “Getogether” started to form.

We Love Good Food & Drinks

We also love for enjoying food and few drinks at one-of-a-kind restaurants in the exciting cities and neighborhoods we visit. At the same time, we believe  a local host could get people to the right restaurants and further enhance those food and drink experiences by bringing people together through new social connections and conversations – all at the same table.

So We Started Getogether

“Getogether” was founded with the idea that experiencing cool neighborhoods could be made better for us and so many others, if there was an easy way to connect with a local host – that would bring people together, show them around their neighbourhood, and then sit everyone down at a one-of-a-kind restaurant over good food and drinks – all while having great conversations and connecting socially.

meet our team

Meet the team dedicated to making Getogethers take place every day in 
top neighborhoods and cities from across the world!

Matt Colangelo


Nicolas Asis

Web Developer

Dhanika Amarasekara

Lead Designer

Cathy Du

Digital Marketing Manager

Emily Choi

Content Creator

Adrian Banan


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