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Experience Granville Island and meet new people with a local host by your side! Join a Getogether today!

Matt ColangeloHey There,

My name is Matt Colangelo, and I am the host of Getogether at Granville Island. I want to personally invite you to join me for one of my upcoming Getogethers where I will take you and up to 9 others on a fun and social adventure across this special Vancouver neighbourhood. I can’t wait to show you around and connect you with new people!

So What’s a Getogether Anyway?

A “Getogether” is a social experience that makes it easy to connect with a local host, socialize with new people, and explore a local neighbourhood.

If you are someone that enjoys local neighbourhood vibes and meeting new people, Getogether is perfect for you!

For just $100, you get the opportunity to:

  • Connect with a local Host.
  • Meet and socialize with new people.
  • Enjoy a guided walk across a local neighbourhood.
  • Discover the secret spots that only locals know about.
  • Get VIP seating at a one-of-kind restaurant.
  • Enjoy a drink & tasty appetizers on the house.

The duration of each Getogether is 90 minutes, and starts off by meeting your local host at a recognizable neighbourhood landmark. Your host will get you and the other guests socially acquainted through friendly introductions, and then take everyone for a special walk across the neighbourhood.

Your local host will conclude your Getogether at special restaurant unique to the neighbourhood, where a round of complimentary drinks and appetizers will be served. While your host will eventually depart, you and the other guests will be encouraged to continue the conversation and good times over additional food and drinks at your discretion.

Join Us for a Getogether at Granville Island!

There is no better way to experience Granville Island than through a Getogether! So why not join one today?

What to Expect from Your Getogether at Granville Island?

You will meet your local host under the bridge and right next to the large Granville Island entrance sign. Your host will get you and the other guests socially acquainted through friendly introductions and conversation.

Your host will then take you and the other guests on a special walk across the Granville Island neighbourhood showing you:

  • The shops & restaurants across Granville Island.
  • The iconic Granville Public Market.
  • The Granville Island Pier.
  • Artisan Warehouses & Maker Shops.
  • The beautiful street art by local artists.

Your walk will lead to the docks of Granville Island where you will have the opportunity to take in a beautiful panoramic view that spans across the Burrard Street Bridge, False Creek, and east Vancouver from afar.

After spending a little bit of time at the docks, your host will lead everyone to a popular restaurant unique to Granville Island where drinks and appetizers will be served.

Getogethers take place at Granville Island every Sunday at 6 pm PST. Book yours today!

We can’t wait to meet you, and show you around.

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See Our Reviews

Thomas K
Thomas K
Great tour around English Bay Loved the tour through West downtown. Matthew is very social, quite knowledgeable and has interesting stories to share about some of the buildings and local places you will encounter. I can only recommend this to anyone, especially if you want to get to know other people that visit vancouver.
The setting sun from the craft beer bar that we stayed at was pretty awesome as well!
Lily L
Lily L
Enjoyed it! It was so refreshing. I had a great time! Definitely enjoyed the experience :) Will be back for another neighborhood.
Great Time on this Experience Travelling alone to Vancouver, this was a great way to pass a couple of hours, and explore a neighborhood I may have missed with a local resident. Matt was a great host and showed us some spots as we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the English Bay neighborhood. There was a nice vibe among the group and it was fun to socialize with some other travelers and enjoy a drink together. Would love to see this type of thing in other cities too!
Marigie A
Marigie A
Great experience! My experience with Getogether at English Bay was amazing! Matt showed me parts of English Bay I never would've found on my own. We met at my favourite bakery in Vancouver and went for a nice walk through the neighborhood. I learned about the history of Sylvia Hotel and the Boston Ivy that runs up the building. Our walk led us along the seawall where we enjoyed awesome ocean views and a nice conversation. We ended our walk at the Craft pub and enjoyed some food and drinks. I would recommend booking if you enjoy local neighborhood vibes and meeting new people.
Justin S
Justin S
Absolutely 10/5! Amazing experience I had an amazing experience with Matt. He showed me a side of the city I’ve not seen before. Even as a local, I experienced Vancouver in a new way.
Can’t wait to book again!!
Yoncer Y
Yoncer Y
Amazing experience! Glad I booked this for my families. Vancouver is such a beautiful city and worth the exploring, especially with people like Matt, who knows the city well and good at telling the stories. Will definitely book another one again when my other relatives visit next year.
Great time It was a great experience having the opportunity to explore English Bay and meeting people. Highly recommend!
Kyle E
Kyle E
Fantastic! In a city where meeting new people is notoriously difficult, Getogether is a breath of fresh air. Matt the guide was great at organically progressing the group toward each stop as well as breaking the ice with one another, which allowed for a chill and fun experience that gave me a greater appreciation for this beautiful part of the city- as well as more people to enjoy it with.
Thamasha A
Thamasha A
Refreshing It was a refreshing experience to be exploring English Bay. I just moved to Vancouver, and this was an excellent way to learn English Bay's exciting stories and histories. I learnt not only about the area, but I got to meet new people and get to know their stories. Also, having a local who knows the best spots for taking pictures and food is fantastic. I would want to do this again!
Christopher T
Christopher T
Getogether Experience This experience definitely blew my expectations. My first time in Vancouver visiting from Toronto and Matt was an amazing local guide taking us to Morton Space Park and a glimpse of the Vancouver Seawall. Looking forward to booking again the next time I come and visiting new places!

Getogether at Granville Island

The iconic Granville Public Market

The biggest attraction on Granville Island, the Public Market is an indoor market established in 1979, featuring a fascinating assortment of colourful fresh, locally sourced produce, gourmet foods, baked goods, seafood, and many handcrafted products. There are around 50 vendors in the market. The retail food vendors can often be seen selling a range of items from Mexican, Asian, Greek and deli food to candy and snacks. The market attracts both local residents and tourists. The market includes a “kids market” designed for children. A walking tour of the market can be a great way to get an insider’s insight.

Shopping at the Net Loft

Right across from the public market, the Net Loft is instantly recognizable with its blue exterior and offers a plethora of options for curious visitors. It can be seen as a shopping mall full of unique treasures and surprises. If you are looking for kitchenware, the Market Kitchen is the place to visit! If you are looking for something delicious to eat, then Net Loft Cafe is a serene area for a quick bite. You will also want to check out a unique paper-based business named Paper-Ya (Japanese for Paper Shop). The Net Loft is one of Granville Island’s best-kept secrets, and is certainly a place that you won’t forget any time soon! 

The Kids Market

Near the entrance to Granville Island at 1496 Cartwright Street is the Kids Market – young children’s favorite. It’s home to dozens of stores catering solely to the wants and needs of young humans. The Kids Market is like a mini shopping mall full of child-focussed specialty stores on two floors. Inside is the Granville Island Toy Store, a magic shop and a place that sells the most amazing puppets and kites. There is also a clothing store selling everything from ballet slippers to princess dresses, and a candy store that sells all kinds of sweets.

Adventure Zone

Inside The Kids Market, The Adventure Zone is kids’ heaven and perfect for a Sunday family visit! The i-Wall kids interactive gaming platform is a brand new attraction where kids throw balls at thieving monkeys on the wall plus 30 other games! Kids can also slip down the giant corkscrew slide, or crash into the ball pit. Parents can keep an eye on their kids from the Rainbow Bridge overlooking the playground. 

In the Rides Zone, they can try the carousels & other interactive kiddie rides. Then in the Arcade, kids of all ages play games like skee ball, Fishbowl Frenzy, or Monster Drop! The object of course is to win Tickets, Get Prizes. And then there are the Birthday Parties, where the staff would coordinate all of these activities into a Fun-Filled 2 Hour Package! The Kids Market is open from 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week.

Restaurants across Granville Island

If you start to feel hungry, You’ll find tons of places to grab a drink, dinner, coffee, or just a snack. From casual to high-end, there’s something for every budget. Granville Island is known for its great food, with plenty of visitor favourites: The Keg, Backstage Lounge, Cats Social House, Dockside Restaurant, and Edible Canada at the Market.

Pier 32

Pier 32 (1333 Johnston Street) is located in the heart of Granville Island. Originally built as an old wire rope warehouse, the building was extensively renovated as part of the Granville Island rehabilitation project. Today, this exceptional commercial building sits on the water’s edge with sweeping views of downtown Vancouver. Suite 210 has been extensively upgraded and is currently demised to 6 private offices, one large boardroom, reception area, storage room with new kitchenette and server room, as well as a large central open plan area.

‘Giants’ on Granville Island Silos

Standing 70-feet tall and spanning 23,500-square-feet, a row of silos on Granville Island has been fondly dubbed Granville Island’s ‘Giants’. Once a dull gray, the six towers now feature a colorful crew of giants. Half of them face the boats on False Creek, and the other three look inward, towards the Ocean Concrete plant.

The silos are the work of Brazilian twins Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, known collectively as OSGEMEOS (Portuguese for THE TWINS). The duo has been graffitiing since 1987. Their work has had a profound influence on Brazilian graffiti and spans the globe, with pieces in Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

If you can’t get enough of the public arts, you can also take a stroll along Railspur Alley and the far end of the island to peek into artisan studios where glassblowers, potters, jewellers and even a broom maker ply their crafts.

Granville Island Brewing Co.

The Granville Island Brewing Co. started on the Island and was the first cottage brewery in all of B.C. Sit and enjoy a beer or take a tour of the brewery. If you still can’t get enough, definitely try the ales at the Dockside Restaurant at the Granville Island Hotel or visit the only Artisan Sake Maker across Canada in Railspur Alley.

Vancouver International Jazz Festival

Each summer, the renowned Vancouver International Jazz Festival takes place on Granville Island in the form of various free jazz concerts across multiple public venues. The festival showcases some of the best jazz talents in the world.

Vancouver Fringe Festival

The Vancouver Fringe Festival is a celebration of theatre primarily centralized on Granville Island. The Fringe strives to break down traditional boundaries and encourage open dialogue between audiences and artists by presenting live un-juried, uncensored theatre in an accessible and informal environment. Every September, more than 90 theatre companies share their creativity on stage for over 11 days. 

The Fringe Festival Mainstage shows feature some of Vancouver’s best venues including the Revue Stage, Performance Works, and the Waterfront Theatre, all situated on and around Granville Island. The Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) category allows artists to stage original work in unconventional places. The Fringe’s uniqueness comes from the “everyone is welcome” selection technique, with some shows literally drawn from a hat! All artists receive 100% of regular box office revenues generated during the Festival.

More Festivals

When it comes to festivals, you’ll also find dragons dancing during Chinese New Year, and clowns running wild during the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. At the same time, the rockin’ stages at Winterruption and Vancouver’s famous three-day arts and culture festival, along with other festivals that occur throughout the year, undoubtedly add to the island’s magic.

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